Creative Directors: Mihaela Ion & Teo Vlădescu

The White Night for Product Creators and Designers (Bucharest, Iaşi, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 2015)

A project co-financed by AFCN (Administration of National Cultural Fund)


  • Bucharest – The Romanian Cultural Institute
  • Cluj Napoca- The Cultural Center CASINO
  • Timişoara – AMBASADA

Live music performances: Bucharest – Dj Never, Timişoara – DJ Frunză, Cluj Napoca – Dj Never


In Bucharest at The Romanian Cultural Institute: Vlad Oană , SANCTI SPIRITVS, dear sender, the MISSION, Inorog, Gabi Toma, AYA concept , oaky, AITO, Carmen Emanuela Popa, UNITE PRIVEE, Ukiscreator, Silva Artis, Ionela Luncanu, Deco-Box, Wood Be Nice, Magic Mint Handmade

In Timişoara at AMBASADA: Andreea Bololoi Jewelry, Abru, Bo3mia, Carter Gear, Daciana Dax, DCD Illustration, Desenat, edit.CUT.paint, F r a n t u r i, Onibon, Ramsmade and Simona Albu Handbags

In Cluj Napoca at The Cultural Center CASINO : Whoabi Sabi, Owlipop, Mr. Musette, Creative Chaos, LUT, Otilia Adam, Atelier Jamais, flow, Crina Marinescu Atelier, Anamaria Pop, OONA Studio, M.O.A. Bijoux, Differenzial Kraft, Linda Szabo

You can feel the wind of change in Romania and you can be sure that many works of art have found their place in the contemporary art here. We invite you to spend a wonderful night together with designers and national creators and to use the hashtag #blanchenuit that keeps you informed about the event.

More photos here, here and here.

Photos: Daniela Lazăr