International grants & awards

Grantee in Cultural Journalism, The Project Center Timisoara (Centru de Proiecte) Timişoara European Capital of Culture 2023

Shorlisted for Brătianu Award for Writting, The Ministry of Culture, Romania, 2020

Courants du Monde
Paris, Strasbourg, Nancy, Selestat, The French Ministry of Culture, France, 2017

“Gabriela Tudor” Cultural Management Grant
at Body>Data>Space, London, UK, 2012

Young and restless: Romanian artists and cultural producers under 30 years,

Bronze prize at EuroInvent, Iasi, Romania
for the book Brochure of stucco materials and façade decorations from Bucharest and Targoviste,  ISBN 978-973-0-20464-3, Bucharest,  2016;