The third edition of the NeoNlitic project, that proposes another complex international initiative, with field documentations of Neolithic civilizations in three countries (Romania, Greece and Serbia), in an effort to bring together cultures of common origins, will have its first public exhibition between 12th and 20th October 2021, at the National Museum Zrenjanin (Serbia). The visiting schedule is Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 19:30, Saturday, 8:30 – 12:30 and the opening will take place on October 12th, at 18:00.

Ancient cultures, modern techniques

The project, initiated by Wood Be Nice, a photography on wood, collage and object design workshop in 2018, wishes to integrate ancient artistic elements and capitalize on the common cultural heritage and aesthetics of primitive civilizations using modern artistic creation techniques and upcycled materials.

 The NeoNlitic team wanted, starting with the first edition, to reinterpret the aesthetics of the Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures in a contemporary vision. Two years later, the exploration of prehistoric creativity has crossed Romania’s borders and aims higher, to connect neighboring cultures with the background of a shared artistic past. The second edition of the project continued the research of Cucuteni aesthetics, but on the territory of Ukraine, where it is known as Tripoli, as well as the culture of Hamangia – the late phase, in Bulgaria.

This year also NeoNlitic will consist of field documentations in archeological sites and museums in Romania, Serbia and Greece, a workshop with professionals, dedicated to the general public and a itinerary exhibition in all three countries. The sources of inspiration for the third edition of the project will be the Neolithic cultures Vinca and Starčevo – Körös, common for Romania and Serbia but also Sesklo as a precursor of the Starčevo – Körös culture for Greece.

NeoNlitic 3.0 brings together 24 artists in 3 countries

The artists present in the third edition of the project are: Daniel Loagăr (RO), Andrei Cornea (RO), Alex Manea (RO), Jelena Petrovic (SRB), Ion Alexandru (RO), Niko (GR), Dana Catona (RO) Ana-Maria Panaitescu (RO), Dana Simion (RO), Cezar Lăzărescu (RO), Semantix (RO), Darko Trajanovic (SRB), Milorad Stajcic (SRB), Alexandru Daniel Florea (RO), Vlad Basarab (RO), Yannis Didaskalou (GR), Alma Gyovai (RO), Gabriela Monica Tîrziu (RO), Dejan Mrdja (SRB), Georgia Orfanidou (GR), Alexandru Răduță (RO), Valentina Savić (SRB), Valentin Soare (RO) and Radomirka Siljanoski (SRB).

 The exhibitors bring together mixed media works, lighting installations, wood, resin and metal sculptures, paintings, ceramic and textile objects, animation and video mapping, all creations inspired by the aesthetic motifs of prehistoric cultures: Sesklo, Vinca and Starčevo-Körös.

The NeoNlitic exhibition is organized by Wood Be Nice and supported by the team composed by Mihaela Ion, cultural manager with over 15 years experience in the field of international creative and cultural industries, doctor in art history and Aleksandar Šalamon, curators of the exhibition, Anca Spiridon (communication and promotion) , Cristina Elena (editor and social media) and Cora Manole (editor).

Cultural project realized with the support of the Timişoara City Hall and the Timişoara Local Council. The cultural project does not necessarily represent the position of the Timişoara City Hall and of the Timişoara Local Council. The content of the cultural project and how its results can be used are the sole responsibility of the authors and the beneficiary of the funding. Timişoara City Hall and Timişoara Local Council are not responsible for the content of the material and how it could be used.

Partners: National Museum Zrenjanin (SRB), Bensousan Han (GR), Galeria Subterană (RO), Xvitamin (SRB), Librart (GR).